Brooke, Kara, Winnie and Keyshia

Brooke, Kara, Winnie and Keyshia were a pleasure to photograph and they all had a great day laughing in front of the camera. You can’t tell by the smile on Keyshia face but she was very unwell and she hid it so well during the shoot. She was able to make everyone smile including her great friend Winnie. Winnie being the shy quite type was inspired by Keyshia’s bravery and was easily encouraged to join in the shoot. Brooke and Kara laughed when they had to interact with each other but then you could see the love in their eyes when they got close to Keyshia and Winnie. Their unwavering dedication to both Keyshia and Winnie is written all over their faces and you can see their smiles light up when they connect with them. A few weeks after this shoot unfortunately Keyshia lost her fight and is now a fur angel looking over us free of her pain and enjoying the open fields running free.
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