A family is not an important thing, it's everything.

What makes us so special?

You do!

Without you there is no photo, there is no moment, there is no connection. We love making the connection with you and your family developing the relationship and hearing YOUR story.

As a husband and wife team we love sharing the stories of your family, the tales of your children’s adventures and how your fur family came to be. We ourselves have a great menagerie of fur kids, 4 dogs, 5 cats, a budgie and a horse, oh yeah we have a daughter and 2 adorable grandchildren as well.

Both of us will take photos during your session giving different perspectives of your fun outdoor adventure, providing an excellent range of views that will see the best images of your family come to life in print.


I have been in in love with the camera since I can remember, as my father was a photographer and he shared his passion with me. When I was old enough I  become a model and learnt my craft over many years.

Once I finished modelling I continued my creative endeavours and passed on my knowledge to others wanting to learn the craft.

I am now behind the camera continuing my creative passion and channelling it into photos that clients’ love.


I am extremely passionate about technology and have worked in the field for over 20+ years leading me to have the knowledge and experience to drive a camera and the computer.

My photography passion also goes way back to when my parents showed me their Box Brownie camera (look it up kids). We did progress and got an instant camera that whilst not ‘instant’ produced great photos for the time.

I love connecting with people and having a camera in my hand gives me a way to do this and helping them to show a side to themselves that will allow them to be present and cherish the simple moments in their lives.

Our Logo Story

Our story starts with the main element in our logo, the cat’s eye glasses. These glasses take Amanda back to visions of her grandmother who wore these style of glasses every day, looking back at old black and white photos shows how stylish and iconic they were. Our red glasses are a tribute to her as well as a visible representation of how we all look through different lenses and your look will be awesome.

Gracie is play on Amanda’s grandmother’s name, her name was Grace, Amanda’s middle name is Grace and our daughter’s middle name is Grace. It is a family name that is being passed down through generations, including one of our granddaughter’s, through Gracie, we honour the family name Grace.

The letter A represents Amanda as it is her drive and vision that started this business and with everything we do, we aim for A’s across the board.

Our red bow, like the glasses, is a throwback to Amanda’s grandmother who would often be seen with a bow in her hair to add that feminine touch to her look.

Garth and Amanda


We love animals and do what we can to support them. We have had garage sales, completed transport runs, many, many vet trips, food runs and Christmas photo fundrasiers.

It is not about what we do that matters, we do it as these animals have no one to speak for them and are generally discarded by society thus someone needs to stand up for them.

Fresh Start Rescue Xmas fundraiser


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